Kohei OGURA (̺ʿ)

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Master student at Jun Murai Laboratory
Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University, Japan.
The title of master thesis is "LOLCAST: Abstract Layered Overlay Multicast Protocol".
Bachelor student at Jun Murai Laboratory
Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University, Japan.
The title of bachelor thesis is "LOLCAST: Layered Overlay Multicast Protocol".
Keio Shiki high school, Japan.




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  2. Kohei Ogura, Hideaki Imaizumi, Nakamura Osamu and Jun Murai. "Overlay Multicast Protocol for delivering Hierarchical Structured Data". 12th IPSJ Workshop on Distributed Processing System (IPSJ SIG-DPS), December 2004. [pdf]
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  1. Kohei Ogura, "LOLCAST: Abstract Layered Overlay Multicast Protocol", Master thesis of Keio University, March 2007. [pdf]
  2. Kohei Ogura, "LOLCAST: Layered Overlay Multicast Protocol", Bachelor thesis of Keio University, February 2005. [pdf]


  1. Kohei Ogura, Research Proposal for Master Thesis [pdf]
  2. Kohei Ogura, "Multi-channel broadcast recording on Linux", 2004/6 issue of Open Source Magazine, June 2004. [link]

Participated Projects

Computing Employment Experience

2005 - 2007
System Engineer/Integrator at Tokyo Woman's Christian University Information Processing Center. Operating MacOSX Server with NetBoot system with 210 clients, which is first installed NetBoot system in Japan. Also, I was constructing and maintaining NetBoot master image.
2005 - 3 month
Network Engineer at Keio University. Operating graduate school research network,


SFC Award 2004
My bachelor thesis, "LOLCAST:Layered Overlay Multicast Protocol" was awarded as SFC Award in 2004. [link]

Other Achivements

WRU (Where are You?)
Developed widget for Yahoo! Widget Engine, "WRU (Where Are You?)" as a sample application for Beluga Project. This widget shows the users name and the users geographical location acquired from active RFID tags. WRU homepage is located here.
Developed telephone directory application which chases and ring the nearby phone who you are calling. Geographical location are acquired from Beluga middleware and actual application is written as Cisco IP Phone Service Application. WRU:CALL is tested on Cisco IP Phone 7960 and Cisco IP Phone 7920.
Developed Linux software for controlling IEEE1394 devices such as IO-DATA GV1394-TV, GV-MVP/IDV, Canopus ADVC-200TV. Source code and developing method appears on Open Source Magazine (formerly Unix User Magazine) 2004/06 as a feature article. Also held a talk on this theme at 2nd workshop on DVTS Consortium.


Computer skills

Languages: C, C++, Perl, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, AppleScript
Platforms: UNIX/Linux, MacOS Classic/OSX, Windows 95/98/Me, Windows XP/NT/2000

Foreign language skills

GTEC: Score 806 (2007/04)
TOEIC: Score 825 (2006/01)