Sandra Y. Okita Ph.D.



Child and Adolescent Development                         School of Education                        

Psychological Studies in Education                         485 Lasuen Mall  

Stanford University                                                  Stanford University                                                                       Stanford, CA, 94305-3096



Research Interest:

APPLIED: Designing information technology/robots assisted learning tools for children and adults that influence behavior (learning, prevention, coping skills)

BASIC: Investigating young children's attribution and conceptual understanding of Agency, Intelligence, Biology, Health using cognitive artifacts.



Spring 2005                           Keio University. Grad. Graduate School of Media and Governance

                                                Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) in Media and Governance

                                                Ph.D Thesis:

                                                Assessing Realization and Experience of Embodiment in Multiple Worlds

Fall 2001-Fall 2003                Stanford University. Grad. School of Humanities and Social Sciences

                                                Master Degree (M.A.) in Psychology

Fall 1997-Spring 1999           Keio University (JAPAN) Grad. School of Media and Governance

                                                Master Degree (M.A) in Media and Governance

                                                MA Thesis:

                                                Therapet System: Projective Computing for Self-Enhancement Psychology?

Fall 1993-Fall 1997                Keio University (JAPAN) Faculty of Policy Management

                                                Bachelor Degree (B.A) in Policy Management

                                                BA Thesis:

                                                Psychological Animal Agent Assisted Therapy Prototype System


Research Experience                                               

Stanford University: as a Protocol Director
1. Perception of Intelligence in Robotic Toys  Project (Okita) Protocol # : 0102-623
2. Childhood Health Appreciation Project (Okita)
# 82185

3. Affect and Animacy in Robotic Toys Project (Okita) Protocol #:0203-736
4. Information Transfer Between Real and Virtual Environments Project (Okita) Protocol#:81809

Stanford University: as a Research Assistant
1. Teachable Agents Project  (Schwartz)
2. Imagery Project (Schwartz)
3. Children with Chronic Illness Re-entry into School (Children's Health Council-Hoffman)
4. Pet Therapy Project (LPCH)

Journal Publications

1. Okita, Y.S. (Oct. 2004 in print). Effects of age on Associating Virtual and Embodied Toys, CyberPsychology and Behavior, 7, Mary Ann Liebert Inc.


2. Ookita, Y.S., Tokuda, H. (Feb. 2001). A Virtual Therapeutic Environment with User Projective Agents, CyberPsychology and Behavior, 4(5), Mary Ann Liebert Inc.


Conference Papers, Posters


1. Okita, S. , (2004) Effects of age on associating virtual and embodied toys. American Educational Research Association (AERA ) Conference, San Diego CA (April 12-16)


2. Okita, S., (2004). Children's Accuracy and Transfer Across Different Context Environments, International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) Santa Monica CA (June 22-26)



1. Ookita, Sandra Yu, The Development of Middleware in creating a Networked Virtual Therapeutic Environment for Psychotherapy, Emerging Technology Workshop(ETW 2000), Boston, MA U.S.A.


2. Ookita, Sandra Yu, Projective Agent Computing, Emerging Technology Workshop (ETW 99), Santa Barbara, CA USA


3. Ookita, Sandra Yu, The Cyber Therapy Model, In Proceedings of IEEE Multimedia Technology & Applications Conference 1998(MTACf98),Anaheim, CA. U.S.A. 0-7803-9915-3/98 Copyright 1998 IEEE


4. Ookita, Sandra Yu, Psychotherapy With Virtual Pet Agents-The PSY-AAAT Prototype System, In Proceedings of Asia Pacific Computer Human Interaction 1998(APCHIf98), Kamakura, Japan . 0-8186-8347-3/98 Copyright 1998 IEEE


5. Ookita, Sandra Yu, The PSY-AAAT Prototype System, In Proceedings IPSJ National Conference 1998, Tokyo, Japan.


Teaching Experience

Employer                Country                 Type of Work                                                                       Date

Keio University      Japan                    Part-time Faculty (undergraduate course)                       2000- 2001

Keio University      Japan                    Teaching Assistant                                                             1999- 2000

                                                                Language and Communication Research Institute

Keio University      Japan                    Teaching Assistant                                                             1996- 2000


                                                                -Autonomous Distributed Collaborative System(graduate level)

                                                                -Media Architecture (graduate level)

                                                                -Mobile and Distributed Programming (graduate level)

                                                                -Computer literacy IPL Is, Ic (undergraduate level)


Work Experiences:

Employer               Country            Type of Work                                                              Date

Keio University       Japan                     Part-time Faculty                                                 2000- 2001

Keio University       Japan                     Research Staff/Assistant                                                   1999-2001

Nikko Securities      Japan                     Computer/network system administrator                        1996-1998


Volunteer and Community Involvement

Lucile Packard Childrenfs Hospital (LPCH)                                                     Spring 2002- Present

Recreational Therapy, Adolescent Bedside for Eating Disorder patients 

Bilingual Interpreter for Language Bank (Japanese/English)

Stanford University Medical Center                                                                Spring 2002- Present

Bilingual Interpreter for Language Bank (Japanese/English)