[Master Thesis]

SHRM: A Segmented Hierarchical Reliable Multicast


This paper proposes the "SHRM, Segmented Hierarchical Reliable Multicast", which is an efficient multicast data distribution architecture. This architecture overcame the weakness of conventional multicast data distribution systems.
Conventional reliable multicast techniques are useless because of scrimpy reliability, low scalability and lack of distribution efficiency. This paper suggests a new approach called "MLS : Multicastable Local Segment". SHRM technique separates wide area network to plural local segments, which have multicast capability, and guarantees transport reliability. SHRM guarantees reliability in limited the area, so that efficient reliable data distribution system is feasible. The collaboration of each MLS enabled scalable and reliable data distribution system on the network.
SHRM assumes plural MLSs compose hierarchy by descending order, and data source are put inn top-level MLS. This condition provides best efficiency in this mechanism.
This paper defines three protocols:
1) Protocol for Reliable multicast data transport in MLS internally
2) Protocol for harmonizing other external MLS
3) Protocol for carrying source data to top-level MLS
This paper discusses implementation of SHRM and present excellence of the system compared to conventional reliable multicast data distribution system. SHRM enables efficient and reliable data distribution on the Internet.


1.Internet 2.Multicast 3.Reliable 4.Data Distribution 5.MLS

Mikiyo Nishida (west)