[Bachelor Thesis]

The Design and Implementation of Dynamic Configuration Mechanism for Virtual Links in Networks with Unidirectional Links


This paper discribes the design and implementation of dynamic configuration mechanism for virtual links and interfaces in networks with unidirectional links.\\ Nowadays Internet user has been increase accompanied by evloving Internet rapidly, requirement of connectivity for these users are building up. But conventional connectivity as analog telephone line or ISDN line is not enough to provide connectivity for many Internet users. Current Internet traffic pattern have hallmark, outgoing traffic is more and incoming one is few. Conventional links do not fit with this traffic pattern because these have symmetric bandwidth.
Unidirectinal link carries datagrams one way. Unidirectional link provides network connectivity for many internet users, widely and low costs. Unidirectional Link is expected as congruent link for nowadays traffic pattern of Internet. But design of communication technology in Internet is supposing bidirectional-capability of link. Unidirectional link has many problems at using in Internet.\\ This paper discribes the solution of ploblems using unidirectional link in Internet. Particularly, scalability is very important. For solving this problem, designed and implemented a mechanism of virtual links and interfaces dynamic configuring, construct testbed and evaluate this mechanism.
This mechanism made it come ture that the network archtecture feasible current traffic pattern of Internet with unidirectional and bidirectional links. Keyword

Internet, Unidirectional Link, Virtual Link, Dynamic Configuration

Mikiyo Nishida (west)