Yosuke Tamura's Home Page

Yosuke Tamura's Home Page

I'm a Ph.D candidate in Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University.
My thesis advisor is Hideyuki Tokuda.

My research interests are in the areas of computer networks, mobile computing, and communication systems. It involves analysis, simulation, implementation, and experimental evaluation. We take two approaches that improve the performance of internetworked data communications: end-to-end a daptation of TCP at end hosts, and hop-by-hop adaptation at routers.

Contact Informations

Address: 5322 Endo, Fujisawa-city, Kanagawa, 252-8520,
Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University, Japan.
Phone: +81 466-47-5111
Fax: +81 466-47-0835
E-mail: tamura@sfc.keio.ac.jp


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