E-mail: sora@sfc.wide.ad.jp

TEL: +81-466-49-3529

Yohei Kuga's Resume

I'm a Ph.D student in the Graduate School of Media and Governance (Course: Cyber Informatics) working in the Jun Murai Lab at Keio University, Japan under the supervision of Kenjiro Cho (IIJ Research Lab). My research interests include distributed systems, computer networks and Network measurement.

Current Research

Other Projects (ongoing)

Knowledge and Experiences

  1. Application development using C/Python/Perl/Javascript
  2. FPGA development (Xilinx/Lattice, Verilog-HDL, Ethernet/PCI Express TLP)
  3. Linux kernel development (High-performance NIC device driver and kernel modules)
  4. Extensive experience in designing and developing Web-based applications by using Linux/FreeBSD, Apache, node.js, Ruby, Javascript, JQuery and others
  5. Network and Server operations (Router: Cisco, OS: Linux/FreeBSD/NetBSD, Services: WWW/Mail/DNS, Firewall, etc)

Computing Employment Experience

  1. 2004 - 3 years, (Part-time) System Engineer//maintenance assistant of a computer cluster (in TOP500 ranking) at Sony Intelligence Dynamics Laboratory (SIDL), Tokyo, Japan
  2. 2005, STM (Shownet Team Member) in Interop Tokyo 2005, Chiba, Japan
  3. 2006 - 1 year, (Part-time) System Engineer//Maintenance assistant of a computer cluster at Sony, Tokyo, Japan
  4. 2008 - 3 months, Internship at LIP6 Networks and Performance Analysis group, UPMC Sorbonne Universités, Paris, France
  5. 2009 - current, (Part-time) Research Assistant at IIJ Innovation Institute, Tokyo, Japan
  6. 2014 - current, Research Assistant at KEIO University, Tokyo, Japan



Non-Computing Experience