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Comparing and Merging Files


概要  Preliminary information.
1. 比較が意味するもの  What file comparison means.
2. diffの出力書式  Formats for two-way difference reports.
3. 不完全な行  Lines that lack trailing newlines.
4. ディレクトリの比較  Comparing files and directories.
5. diffの出力をより良くする  Making diff output prettier.
6. diffの性能のトレードオフ  Making diff smarter or faster.
7. 三つのファイルの比較  Formats for three-way difference reports.
8. 共通の先祖からマージ  Merging from a common ancestor.
9. sdiffを用いた対話的なマージ  Interactive merging with sdiff.
10. patchを用いてマージする  Using patch to change old files into new ones.
11. パッチの作成と使用の助言  Tips for making and using patch distributions.
12. cmpの呼び出し  Compare two files byte by byte.
13. diffの呼び出し  Compare two files line by line.
14. diff3の呼び出し  Compare three files line by line.
15. patchの呼び出し  Apply a diff file to an original.
16. sdiffの呼び出し  Side-by-side merge of file differences.
17. 標準への準拠  Conformance to the POSIX standard.
18. 将来のプロジェクト  If you've found a bug or other shortcoming.
A. このマニュアルのコピーに付いて  How to make copies of this manual.
B. 索引  Index.

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