Introductions - Australia

Jan Robbins, Australia -

Hi! I'm Jan Robbins. I work in the Study Skills centre at the Australian National University

My E-mail address is:

I've worked in universities as an academic in the biological areas and scientific communication for about twenty years, but I also have some experience in schools and technical education. An interest in helping failing students led me to experiment with computer assisted learning and led in turn to a job with a multimedia firm where I worked for five years as an instructional designer/technical writer. My major interests are the interface between language and learning, language and visual representations of knowledge, and how to facilitate learning, particularly through computers and the Internet.

Denis Cowan - cowandp@GIL.COM.AU


My name is denis cowan and I am based in brisbane, australia.

The component of my work that I enjoy the most is when I work as a group process facilitator.

I am a partner/director in 2 consultancy businesses. The first one is Efficiency Plus which works primarily in Australia and the second is a new consultancy (Elogue) which has a focus on virtual consultancy within the Pacific Rim.

At the moment I am not sure exactly what my expectations are of this Electronic Workshop



denis cowan , brisbane , australia. fax ** 61 7 32681869

Diane Westerhuis - Diane.Westerhuis@JCU.EDU.AU

Self Introduction:
I am particularly interested in technological changes to higher education and impacts of this on learning. The greater impact appears to be on distance ed, rather than on campus learning (as yet).
Diane Westerhuis PhD Student
Training and Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies
Documentation Coordinator James Cook University
Computer Centre
James Cook University Fax (077) 815230
Townsville 4811 Ph (077) 814070
International +61 77 814070 (ph) +61 77 815230 (fax)
T&D at:
Thesis at:
My PGP key can be found at:

Bob Dick -

Hello, all. Here is my introduction...

Bob Dick . I have two half time academic

At Griffith University in Brisbane I facilitate courses in social consultancy within a psychology department, including an on-line course in evaluation and action research.

At Southern Cross University in Lismore I supervise qualitative research and run a number of electronic mailing lists, and an email course in action research. One of my interests is in finding ways of retaining the best qualities of face-to-face education when using distance technologies. -- Bob


|||| bob dick 37 Burbong St Chapel Hill 4069 Australia

Jane Perry - perry@rmit.EDU.AU

Your Name: Jane Perry
E-mail address:
Self-introduction: I am a Lecturer in TESOL and Industry Education. One of the main focuses of my work is the training of teachers of English to speakers of other languages. I am very interested and involved in many aspects of adult education and training, particularly cross cultural work. One of our current projects is in distance education project between Australia and South Africa.

Allan Ellis, Australia -

Hi folks,

I've been using online techology to work with students since the days of chunky videotext (20 words to a screen) and 300 baud accoustic couplers (remember them!!). Thankfully today it's 28.8k modems, Web technology and Cu-SeeMe but the challenge is still the same - How do you make the best of the available technolgy to promote learning?

I currently teach postgraduate programs in Educational Technology and Adult Learning. My current research interests relate of various aspects of the World Wide Web and in 7 hours time I get on plane to the US to attend WWW6 Anyone else going to be there?

Senior Lecturer
School of Social and Workplace Development
Southern Cross University ._ /\ *
P.O. Box 157 LISMORE NSW 2480 Australia / \_/ \ * *
Phone +61 66 203611 < # LISMORE *
Fax +61 66 203990 \_.--.__/ *
Internet V
Australian World Wide Web Conferences
AusWeb97 5th-9th July, 97 Gold Coast,
WWW7 14-18th April, 98 Brisbane


Name: Dr. Betty L. Chang
e-mail address:
Self-Introduction: I am a professor of gerontological nursing, and
have had a long term interest in informatics.

Our School of Nursing is currently involved in developing distance learning by offering our graduate (Masters in Nursing Science) courses on the internet. Another faculty member is currently developing a virtual reality program for the examination of the eye.

I am an active member of the American Medical Informatics Association and a member of the Workgroup on Consumer Informatics.

I am also a Certified Nurse Practitioner and work part time in the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine where we have a beginning website on the UCLA Med.Net.

Betty L. Chang, DNSc, FNP-C, FAAN
School of Nursing
University of California, Los Angeles
700 Tiverton Avenue, Box 956918
Los Angeles, CA 90095-6918
Voice: (310) 206-3834
Fax: (310) 794-7482

Colin Jeffcott (

I am a lecturer in the Asian History Department of the ANU's Faculty of Asian Studies. I teach courses on Song dynasty civilization, Confucianism, a comparative couse on the eighteenth-century societies of China and Japan, and introductory Classsical Chinese. My own research is in these areas too. I am interested in ways that the resources of electronic media can be used to promote the learning of written languages, as distinct from spoken ones. I am also interested in helping to develop resources for research which can be made available through the Internet and similar media.

My view of the use of information technology in teaching is that it should be used not to replace but to facilitate and enhance the kinds of argued discussion, and the building of particular skills, which university teaching at its best has done well in more traditional modes.

Daniel McDiarmid (

My name is Daniel McDiarmid. I am Director Fundraising at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia RMIT has identified that some of its objectives (which include encouragement of life long learning) can be be achieved with the co-operation of its graduates (alumni), and it is in the university's interests to communicate with its graduates, and to have graduates communicating with each other.

In this, for reasons of speed, cost and intimacy, electronic communications are preferred. Hence RMIT is seeking to eatablish an electronic directory of its alumni, posted on the WWW, with basic information of all individuals (publicly available information such as name, graduation date and degree), with further information, including e-mail addresses and hyperlinks as authorised by individuals.

Our intital forays into electronic communications, with e-mail to graduates, and our website
have been very encouraging.

We hope to use the graduate-graduate communications to improve work placements and employment prospects for graduates, and to build business networks.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone with interest in these or related topics.