This page is somewhat obsolete. I've been working in a electoronic company and no longer student of SFC.

Research, documents, links / [English]: [Japanese]

This pages will tell you about what I studied. Mostly about DNS(Domain Name System). There is guide for bind-8.1(in Japanese/ not yet completed) or postscript files of my papers, proposals.

Software Vault / [English only]

The `newbie' is a software to support Dynamic Update on IPv6. The maintainer gives up to continue the improvements. If you're willing to improve tommorrow's DNS environment, please use these code freely. But I recommend bind-9 or write your own from the scratch from the start.

Personal Information of Yusuke DOI / [English]: [Japanese]

If you really want to know me personally, best way is to come and see me :)

Yusuke DOI