Report in Australia

In Australia, I simulated multi-homing with simulator " OMNet++".
What's multi-homing?

There are many kinds of multi-homing. The draft( draft-ng-nemo-multihoming-issues-01.txt) says that.
After simulation, I considered that which multi-homing is the best for
continues mobility.

The result is multi-homing(0, 0, 0), which has single MR, single HA, single mobile network.

This is the reason why I select multi-homing(0, 0, 0).
At first I have a question to the draft (draft-ng-nemo-multihoming-issues-01.txt).
Although it say multi-homing has 8 cases, I think there are more cases.
The draft classify multi-homng by the factors which is the number of MRs, HAs , mobile networks
But I add the number of the interfaces MR have, as a factor.
The report is here.

I'm sure multi-homing(0, 0, 0) is the best for continues mobility.
So, I drew the image of the multi-homing.
Here is the report.
Since I'm interested in this multi-homing now, I want to implement that.

And I also found the problem OMNet++ or multi-homing.
The list that I did in Australia

Manabu Tsukada
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